Smart Bro Introduces Pocket WiFi

Ever heard of a commuter bus that is equipped with a WiFi internet? Well, Smart Bro has their own version in providing WiFi mobility.

It is a portable 3G+WiFi router and they call it SmartBro Pocket WiFi. This newly released Smart Bro service is available on a postpaid Plan 495 which gives you 50 hours of 3g internet surfing per month. There is a Php10 per 30mins should you exceed the time allotted (50hrs) in a month.

There is an additional Php150 for the Pocket Wifi device and a lock-in period of 24mos or two (2) years.

You can hookup up to 5 WiFi capable devices and start enjoying the promised (up to) 2Mbps download speeds. Probable downside is when the nearest Smart tower is busy as it still uses the same old Smart Bro technology.

Having this handy though makes you a mobile WiFi zone which sounds cool and makes yourself busy surfing stuff during your vacant hours, long walk in a beach, or even just inside the comfort of your home.

Would you possibly go for this considering its size, price and mobility?

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