Tron Zero G Light Cycle

Tron is a 1982 American action science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. And even if you haven’t seen the original movie, you probably are familiar with these vehicles that being used in the film that outshines Austin Powers’ shimmering costumes, with it’s neon lights attached to it somehow that almost look like safety signs to me.

Well, this cool looking toy is based on the awesomely cool vehicles that used in the film. What makes it special and “high-tech” is that it is a gravity-defying machine that are capable of zooming up walls and even across ceilings, literally!

The secret is this advanced vacuum technology and massive downforce that enables the toy to “suck” to a surface thus making it possible to maneuver even across x or y axis.

You can control the toy with a bundled remote control that serves as a charging unit for this Light Cycle’s rechargeable battery.

The toy is about £34.99 and is a perfect gift this coming holiday.

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