The BodyBugg

Tired of thinking which diet pills work? Though diet pills are proven for weight loss, why not try some other ways to lose weight.

With more and more diet tools and weight loss gadgets on the market, you can choose what is best for you.

One of the coolest high-tech gadgets that you knock off those pounds is the BodyBugg.

The BodyBugg is a highly accurate calorie counter and resembles a wristwatch even though it is worn on your tricep or upper arm. This small device calculates how many calories you are burning all day long. It does so through an astute sensor configuration that measures your body temperature, motion and skin conductivity. Each minute, it takes a reading on how many calories you are burning and have burned. You are even encouraged to wear the band while you sleep, since the more you wear it, the more programmed it becomes to precisely read your body’s caloric expenditures. But it does not calculate how many calories you are consuming.
The mission behind the BodyBugg is to get you to move more. By moving more, you burn more calories. More movement in combination with a reduced calorie diet equals pounds lost.

The device is a bit on the pricey side: $250 to $350. But if you are a Type A personality and thrive on knowing what your metabolism is constantly up to, then maybe the BodyBugg is worth the investment.

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