Anti-acne Gadget: The Thermaclear Zit Zapper

If you are looking for Anti-acne Gadget, this post for you.

Newer devices have been cropping up in order to meet every consumer’s needs in their long battle with one of the most common, but annoying skin problems which is acne. Most acne treatments involve putting on creams and ointments with their active chemical ingredients.

But acne-treatment has leveled up, including mini-handheld devices, which can be kept inside your bathroom, together with the toothbrush, shaving blades, and hair blow dryer.

One example of these gadgets is the ThermaClear Zit Zapper.

It’s hand held electronic device that kills acne causing bacteria with a pulse of heat. It puts pimple pulsing power in the palm of your hand!

ThermaClear uses proprietary Thermal Pulse Technology to deliver a controlled burst of heat that reaches beneath the surface of the skin to neutralize the bacteria that cause acne and accelerate healing. It’s similar to laser treatment technology dermatologists use to treat mild-to-moderate acne.

ThermaClear is a FDA-cleared acne clearing device for mild to moderate acne (pimples, breakouts). This device delivers a targeted, 2-second burst of heat into the blemish to neutralize pimple-causing bacteria to clear up to 4 times faster. No harsh chemicals. Doctor recommended. Clinically proven.

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