Angry Birds Coming to Google Chrome

Day two on Google I/O has been a success so far with revealing a lot of stuff that might bore some but interest others.

Such revelation is that the game Angry Birds will soon be available in Chrome as a standalone game. That’s right folks, in time you will be slinging  cute birds on your Chrome browser without the need of installing it.

Angry Birds Chrome will soon be rolled out in Chrome store and if you were lucky to have a hardware acceleration support on your browser, you’ll be playing it in HD!

Question now is “What if I’m offline?” Worry no more boy as you can still play the whole entire game thanks to Chrome’s app cache which enables you to store the game on your computer’s local storage.

Exclusive levels are also added to the game specially for Chrome users. Now this sounds real sweet!

*Update: You can now download Angry Birds game in the chrome web store here.

Will you guys rather play it on your browser?

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