Facebook introduces ‘Subscribe Button’

Facebook is getting more and more interesting these days. Updates were rolled from here to there, and for some strange reasons, these all started when the ‘big G’ announces their own weapon, the G+.

Recently, Facebook announced another update which is the ‘Subscribe Button‘. This basically allow users to follow others’ public updates in a manner very similar to Twitter and Google+. It allows people to possibly ‘follow’ someone’s status updates without the need of a friend request.

Facebook strongly believes that this new feature takes care of one of the biggest drawback for Facebook power users who have a lot of friends as this means that anyone now can follow a certain Facebook user without exceeding the current 5,000 Facebook friend limit.

‘How do people subscribe to my updates?’

Facebook will prompt you of this ‘subscribe’ feature (see image at the top) when its already rolled out in your area. You’ll then have an option to turn your ‘subscribe-button’ on to ‘allow people other than your friends to subscribe to your public updates‘. You can always turn it off though anytime you wish by clicking the ‘subscribers’ button underneath your profile picture and then pull up the ‘subscribers’ options by clicking ‘edit settings’ to the right.

Facebook is undeniably at the top of any ‘social-network’ podiums that are currently around. But these series of moves recently led to discussions as to how other social networks (Google+/Twitter) are greatly influencing Facebook. Do you think Facebook is copying Google+ and Twitter?

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