Tutorial: How to play Flash games on iPad

One biggest drawback of iOS is the lack of having a Flash support thus limiting its users to primarily play games on social networks and view swf file formats on some sites.

So how can you possibly play Flash games on iPad? It is now as simple as downloading a browser that has Flash Support such as the iSwifter iSwifter is a free iPad Web Browser app which incorporates Flash support. Best part is you don’t need to jailbreak your device in order to install it and can start playing flash games right after installing.

An upgrade to iSwifter premium version is also available letting you to access a catalog of optimized Games which I think isn’t really necessary.

As of writing, iSwifter is the only browser availabe to iOS that has Flash support. You can download iSwifter here and I suggest you do. We’ll appreciate if you guys let us know afterwards how is it working for you.

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