Review: Hisense Mini HB200M mono bluetooth headset

One most important feature of a phone is calling, and a better way to take advantage of such feature is by pairing it with a wireless bluetooth headset.

You are looking at the HiSense Mini HB200M mono headset which has been selling like hotcakes in stores since its initial release. It is packaged just like the common pair of bluetooth headsets that you usually see in stores but it promises some features that a hardcore phone user is looking for.

Inside the box is a small and lightweight yet functional designed bluetooth headset paired with a removable ear clip, usb cord (mainly used for charging), a magnetic clip, a cord that is much like a necklace, 3 different sets of earbuds, and an AC USB Charger.

The most interesting feature of this HiSense Mini HB200M Headset is its ability to be paired with two mobile phones at the same time making your secondary phone, if capable, to always be connected as well which can ultimately save your precious time from manually disconnecting your primary phone and reconnecting your secondary.

Key Specs:
5.5h of talk time
150h of Standby time
Bluetooth version 2.1
7.5 grams
Multi point feature (for dual phone pairing)
SRP: Php1,995

One of the coolest accesory that is included in the package is the removable earclip. This removable ear clip, when paired with the bluetooth headset, serves as its holder which can be used as a necklace when you’re not using it. This is most useful when the unit’s battery wears out or when you feel like irritated with the device on your ear after a long time of use, take it off, snap it on the magnetic clip, and just wear it around your neck. This also ensures that the bluetooth headset is in a safe place where you can also avoid misplacing it.

All in all, this HiSense Mini HB200M Headset is a “bang for the buck” bluetooth headset considering its features. I wasn’t just impressed by the materials used for the included necklace as it looks like a cheapo type of yarn that tends to wear out easily.

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  1. Hello, just want to know if where can i buy the spare ear buds for my Hisense HB200M Bluetooth Mono Headset. I lost all my earbuds. =( Thanks.

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