Meralco unveils AppCal: Appliance Calculator

Do you want to easily manage your electricity bill? Want to know each of your appliance’s operating cost and how much it contributes to your monthly electric bill? If your answer to both question is yes, then Meralco might just have an answer for you!

The Manila Electric Company, also known as Meralco, just launched an ‘application‘ for all its Philippine customers known as the AppCal or the Meralco Appliance Calculator.

As the name it implies, the Meralco AppCal is a calculator application which determines your appliance’ electric consumption. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection. An online version of the AppCal is also available through Meralco’s website

Meralco AppCal is compatible with Android, iOS, RiM and Symbian platforms. You can download Meralco Appcal on their official website or by clicking here.

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