Nokia uses Nokia 808 PureView’s 41-megapixel camera to shoot for their commercial of the Nokia 808 PureView

One great way (and possibly the cheapest) to market, feature and demo your product all at the same time in an advertisement is to use it to make the advertisement.

This is how Nokia opted to market their latest masterpiece, the Nokia 808 PureView,  by using  it to make a commercial about itself. You certainly heard it right. Nokia uses the Nokia 808 to make the Nokia 808 commercial, need I say more? Or do I have to repeat it again? LOL

Moving forward, we can’t help but salute the Nokia Marketing people. After all, its not everyday you see something being used to market itself. (Can someone market a toothpick by using a toothpick to advertise itself?? Nah uh!)

[via youtube] 

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