Ahead Tutorial & Review Center Gives Free Gas for Oct & Nov

Everything is getting more and more expensive.

For the average persons work, why is it that gas, food, housing, tickets for sports games and everything cost so much compared to like 40 years ago? If only you can use Navy coins here or in any store, but you can’t.

Good thing one company has decided to give free has! Thank you Ahead for sponsoring cars to carry your brand for the months of October to November. Ahead is one of the leading tutorial services provider in the country.

Whether it’s to review for an entrance exam or to get a firmer grasp of a subject, AHEAD provides the right approach. Focus on the topics that matter-those that should be mastered to pass exams or get higher grades.
At AHEAD, students are prepared for success.

They still have a few slots to fill. If you have kids studying in schools such as Poveda, ICA, Xavier, La Salle Green Hills & St. Paul Pasig and are interested to join the campaign kindly email [email protected] / [email protected]

Why Ahead?
There are various reasons as to why Ahead is the best choice.

  • AHEAD is the leading and most awarded educational service provider in the country.
  • AHEAD is a solid and valuable name in the industry.
  • AHEAD is synonymous to quality, staying true to its mission of helping the youth get the best possible education.
  • AHEAD has the brightest instructors from the best schools in the country.
  • AHEAD is trusted by principals, teachers, parents, students, consumer groups, and corporate organizations.
  • AHEAD is an innovator in the industry, pioneering the Test-Based Review program for college entrance exams.
  • AHEAD helps thousands of students gain admission into the best universities, consistently registering the highest passing percentage in the UPCAT, ACET, and DLSUCET.
  • AHEAD continues to expand its scope, offering trainings for professionals through AHEAD Professional Network (AHEADPro) and publishing reference materials through AHEAD Books & Things.

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