4 Volunteer and Intern Suggestions for College Students

College is something you should prepare for in terms of credits and learning experiences. With that said, there are plenty of volunteer and intern opportunities for college students nowadays. For example–

Intern Somewhere that Applies to Your Degree

Most college students draw a blank when it comes to volunteerism or internships. However, you should always veer towards your degree before pursuing a volunteer position elsewhere. For instance, if your desired degree is in law enforcement, perhaps you should opt for internship at a dispatch center or reception area in a police office. Or, if your degree is geared towards fashion, throw in for a volunteer position at a fashion magazine, or ask to intern for a local designer. With so many career degrees out there, college students have their picks of intern opportunities.

Soup Kitchens and Animal Shelters are Always in Need of Help

The best part about volunteering is helping others because it makes you feel good about yourself and the world around you. With that said, soup kitchens and animal shelters are always in need of help, especially throughout the holidays. And, as far as college resumes are concerned, it all counts on your transcripts. Offer to play with pups for an hour a day at the local humane society. Dish out delicious meals at the nearest homeless shelters. Do something that gives back with the bonus of benefiting your future.

Shoebox and Stocking Fillers for Christmas

You’ve probably heard of the Christmas shoeboxes and stockings for less fortunate kiddos around the world. There are actually factories where you can help fill up and check these boxes and bags. You stand in a single file line next to a conveyor belt, check the toys and your lists, and substitute packs of hygiene products and toys wherever necessary. It’s simple, sweet, and looks great on a college transcript.

When in Doubt, Ask a Professor About on Campus Internships

If you still draw a blank after the aforementioned suggestions, ask one of your college professors for advice about on-campus, or off-campus, internships. Sometimes you can snag a role as a personal assistant to your favorite professor. Or, they might know where you can go to work on your degree outside of your classes. It’s what they do, after all. Students could even sign up for a voice phone service to better take the calls of their prospective places of internship.

While volunteerism and internships are fantastic for your college resumes, it’s important to pace yourself when dealing with all the challenges of college. You already have classes and deadlines, so take it easy and opt for volunteering during the summer when you have more free time.

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