Coolest Bathroom Gadgets

Technology and gadgets have been utilised to improve every area of the home, from your lounge to your kitchen. And that includes the bathroom too. Yes, my wife will agree on this. According to her, “just like every other room in your house, the bathroom should be a gadget haven.”

That’s why I listed some of the best gadgets that add a high-tech spin to bathroom.

LED colour-changing shower head
Turn every shower into a dazzling light show. It can be installed to any standard shower pipe in matter of minutes. When the water is cold, the green LEDs shine. As the water warms, your shower turns blue. It goes red when things get steamy hot.

Touchscreen bathroom mirror
Control your iPod via the Stocco Matre touchscreen mirror. A rectangular bathroom mirror mounted on an aluminium frame, the Stocco Matre has an integrated touch panel for accessing your music and other features, including a barometer, mirror defogger, and lighting controls. This can be a great addition to your open shelf bathroom vanities.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker
This Bluetooth Shower Speaker connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or even your computer to stream music to the shower.

Bathroom Cleaning Robot
Creation of designer Anna Karmazina, this innovative techie assistant cleans and tidies up your bathrooms automatically. All you need to do is connect it to a water tap and it starts to clean showers, bathtubs, floors or walls; the suction pads on the bottom allow it to climb up the wall too.

Toto Talk
Yes, a toilet that talks! Want news, stock quotes, even your fortune? Toto Talk’s lid moves up and down as a computerised voice speaks to you.

A quote from the ‘Brown Nosing’ feature: “Master, the way you wash your hands is so sexy”.

Something tells me that Toto’s engineers need to get out more. Not a shipping product, the zany Toto Talk is on display in Tokyo’s Shiodome.

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