Grand Orchestra Guitar Named “Best in Show” at NAMM 2013

Aside from being a tech lover, I’m also has the passion for playing guitars. I was 5 years old when I found my dad’s guitar and started playing it. And I think I was 15 years old, when I bought my first guitar.

Anyway, at the recently concluded National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) annual trade show, an independent panel of retailers named Taylor Guitars’ new acoustic body design, the Grand Orchestra, as a “Best in Show” product.

Grand Orchestra

Grand Orchestra

  • Taylor’s biggest body shape blends power, detail and balance across the tonal spectrum.
  • Taylor’s most powerful, complex voice
  • Incredibly balanced for a big-bodied guitar
  • Specially braced to be responsive to a dynamic attack

“Compared to a traditional dreadnought, these flat-top beauties are slightly longer and have a tighter waist, wider bottom bout, and deeper body depth. Master luthier Andy Powers explains that “Bob Taylor has compared it to the lungs that support someone’s voice. By creating a bigger ‘lung,’ you have the bigger, fuller, more powerful capacity to support lower frequencies.” To maintain the flat-top’s balance across the entire tonal spectrum, Powers created a hybrid scheme of scalloped and parabolic bracing. This, according to company literature, “causes the top and back to pump like a speaker cone, making the guitar loud and uniformly responsive from lows to highs. What emerged from the new shape was a strong, complex voice.” Aggressive strummers will love the robust output, while fingerstylists will enjoy the more sensitive aspects of its dynamic range,” according to

Taylor’s newest body shape is the largest, most powerful shape to date! What began as a rethinking of the traditional Jumbo turned into an all-new guitar that delivers the engrossing power that has drawn players to larger body shapes for many years. What separates the Grand Orchestra from the traditional Jumbo is that you have a similar size and frequency spread but with a more balanced overall tone. Maybe the biggest improvement is that the Grand Orchestra is much more player-friendly than traditional large-body guitars. A smaller soundboard requires less energy to get it moving on your behalf, and larger soundboards require the player to play harder to excite the top. The new Grand Orchestra offers the benefit of a huge-sounding guitar without needing to hammer or any microphones mf on it to make great music. It’s a much more Sensitive Brute than the traditional Jumbo.

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