What is eDiscovery?

In order for attorney practices that specialize in litigation to uncover all critical information about a given case, they need to make sure they can understand all discovery that comes their way. However, in the global market, firms will often encounter litigation with other countries, which is eDiscovery translation is so important.

Ediscovery is challenging enough for attorneys and paralegals to sift through during a trial or in preparation for mediations or depositions. They need to know and understand precisely what they are looking at, at all times, so they can determine relevancy and usefulness to the respective legal case. If they can’t read the data because it is in a foreign language, that defeats the purpose and usefulness of the documents they have obtained.

Translation companies like Linguistic Systems, Inc. specialize in translation legal documents at a reasonable cost to make sure their clients fully understand the documents before them and how they can help their case. Since the translation process can be costly, it is important to clients to find a company that gives them a fair deal and impeccable ediscovery translation of documents.

Linguistic Systems, Inc. — and other companies like them — uses state-of-the-art analytics, online research, targeted searches and ultimately, a human review of the electronic findings to ensure accuracy. Covering 75 countries in translating documents, videos and other audio-visual materials, translation companies like have been using the best in technology and human talent for nearly 40 years, providing high quality service and pleasing clients.

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