Harlem shake craze

First and foremost, this not a technology/gadget related article.

Earlier, I was watching a news and the anchor mentioned something about some Australian miners got fired just by dancing the Harlem shake. Like I was uh what? Harlem Shake? What is that? Then my wife patiently explained it to me…

The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme in the form of a video of various groups of people performing a comedy sketch accompanied by best melodica or part of the “Harlem Shake”. The concept is simple. The videos last between 30 and 32 seconds and feature part of the song “Harlem Shake” by electronic musician Baauer. Usually, a video begins with one person (often helmeted or masked) dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people not paying attention or unaware of the dancing individual. When the bass drops, the video cuts to the entire crowd doing a crazy convulsive dance for the next 15 seconds.

Well, I guess Gangnam Style is out and Harlem Shake is the new craze. However, I feel bad for those miners. The Australian paper reported that the mining company Barminco canned the six-figure salary workers and banned them from working at any of their projects around the globe. One of the ousted workers complained that the company had overreacted, saying dancing miners were just “having a bit of fun.”

“Underground mining has strict safety standards as there are accidents and fatalities. The Barminco management saw this as a breach of standards,” spokesman Sven Lunsche told Reuters.

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