The Many Benefits Of 3D Printing

Once 3D printers hit the market, they caught on very quickly and in a big way. Even large multinational companies embraced their use as a feasible means of testing new items before full manufacturing commenced. Here are some of the wonderful benefits that 3D printing can provide to the end user.

Low Cost- Depending on the exact item being manufactured, using a 3D printer to manufacture it can actually be cheaper than by doing it through conventional methods. In fact, some major shoe manufacturers are using 3D printers to reduce their costs by up to 70%. If it is good enough for the giants of industry, it is definitely good enough for every small business out there.

Speed- 3D printers are capable of manufacturing most items in a matter of a few hours. Compare this to the draconian times that traditional production can entail and going forward with 3D printer production methods is virtually a no-brainer. In fact, companies can now tout a “produce on demand” model in many instances.

Less Waste- When metal and plastic products are manufactured, they produce much waste. By producing the product via a 3D printer, the waste is dramatically reduced. In some cases, the waste is actually nullified. This is not only great for the bottom line of the company but is also great for the environment as well.

Unique Designs- Some truly unique designs can be made on a 3D printer. Many of these would not hold up under normal manufacturing procedures. A bonus trick that many companies use when producing either delicate or one of a kind products via 3D printer is to use metal plating on 3d printing. This can reinforce the structure of the item as well enhance the look of it.

It is a testament to scientific discovery and technological breakthroughs that anyone from the largest company to the average person at home can design many an item via their 3D printer. It is even more impressive that they can now make very durable items by plating them in metal for enhanced longevity and beauty.

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