Simultaneous interpretation equipment makes genuine connections without sacrificing the personal touch

In order to be competitive in today’s expanding global economy, companies need to be equipped to adapt to the variety of languages they will encounter. An ability to overcome these communication impediments can help a business set itself apart and flourish. Since 2013, employment in the translation industry has doubled, and the industry is expected to expand by 29 percent in the next six years. Companies like Interpretation Audio Support are helping businesses connect to markets they would be unable to reach otherwise. By nature of competition, translation services are quickly becoming the industry standard. Along with the growing industry, translation has evolved to include a number of methods: negotiation, chuchotage, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Negotiation and consecutive interpretation both work on a time delay. The speaker is heard in their language and then translated. This sort of interpretation works best for very brief interactions as it doubles the time of any exchange between parties.

In order to communicate in real time, there is chuchotage and simultaneous interpretation. Chuchotage, or whispered interpreting, occurs when the translator and the speaker speak at the same time in the same room. Though in real time, this method has the innate potential to be distracting. It is because of that very problem that the final method evolved. Simultaneous interpretation equipment makes it possible for translators to communicate in real time from a removed, often soundproof, location. This method makes it possible for multiple speakers of different languages to be in the same room communicating in real time without the added distraction of as many voices translating. This is the type of translation in large groups, such as U.N., use to communicate.

Translation services pave the way for parties to make genuine connections without sacrificing the personal touch of communicating in a native language. With the aid of professional interpreters, you can be sure nothing gets lost in translation.

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