Great Laughs for Great Parties: How to Hire Comedians for Events

Entertainment that has loads of fun and laughter gives life to any party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family celebration or a corporate event, everyone likes to share a good laugh and have a good time. This is why party planners who want guests to have a kick at their party hire comedians for events. Stand-up comedians like Damon Wayans Jr are a hit not just for corporate events but also for private parties and virtual ones.

Why Hire comedians for events?

Stand-up comedians give your parties more than just a laugh. There are actually lots of benefits that event hosts and guests can enjoy from a good comedian. For the host, it’s a great way to ensure that the guests are able to relax and enjoy the party. A good laugh helps your guests loosen up and put them in a good mood. This makes comedians perfect for setting the mood for a more serious part of a corporate event like an awarding ceremony or unveiling. Another benefit that you can get is the connection that may be built from shared laughter among guests. This can help strengthen the bond between estranged members of the family or form new friendships in the workplace in the case of corporate events.

How to choose comedians for your parties

Hiring comedians for events also comes with risks especially if you are not careful in choosing who you hire. Bad punchlines or poor material can ruin your party just as much as good ones can turn it into a blast. Here are some things that you may want to consider in choosing your comedian.


Image. This is only important if you are concerned about the reputation that you’re  going to get for your party. Those who are hosting corporate events may want to check if the image of the comedian that they hire is aligned with the corporate image that they would like to project. For instance, companies who value their straight-laced image may want to stay away from comedians known for dirty humor and foul language. Otherwise, their image might suffer a backlash from guests who do not appreciate such humor. But regardless of your image, it is always safe to go for comedians with clean humor, especially for big corporate events.

Material. Each comedian has his own material to work on. If you want the punchlines to hit their targets, you may want to review the comedian’s previous performances or ask for some sample materials. This will help you ensure that the humor is fit for the party or event theme as well as the audience.

Rate or Professional Fee. Budget is always a concern when hosting a party. Thus you may want to check the going rates for comedians before hiring one. There are different rates for both the comedian you choose and the type of performance that you want. The rate for celebrity status stand-up comedians can range from $250 to more than $3000.

Where can you find comedians for events?

If you frequent comedy bars then you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one who can perform in your party or event. You may also find different types of comedians including those with specialized materials online. There are Corporate comedians, Christian comedians, etc. who have the talent, material  and expertise to make your guests relax, laugh, and have a blast at your event.



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