Follow These 3 Tips to Improve Your Texting Skills

People use cell phones to communicate via text as much as, or even more than, live calls. Due to the written but informal nature of texting, it holds unique nuances that can confuse newcomers and lead to awkward exchanges. If you lack experience or relevant skills, follow these tips to create strong and successful conversations.

1. Use Some Emojis

Emojis are a unique feature of texting that convey feelings and other complex ideas in a visual manner. Add some to keep your messages short or express your mood accurately. However, avoid spamming them, as they can create incoherent conversations. Explore your phone’s emoji options and try to expand them. For instance, a Jamaican emoji app can provide you with specific emojis that represent a particular culture and language you could not recreate otherwise.

2. Measure Your Words

Balancing the number of words per text message is critical. If you are too brief, you can slow down the conversation and come off as rude. Use too much text and people can get overwhelmed and stop. Avoid this problem by measuring your words. Write down your feelings first and then trim down the content to something more concise. If you need more text, spell out words fully and throw in emojis or GIFs. The appropriate length can also change depending on the conversation’s subject and the people you communicate with, so adjust it as necessary.

3. Always Show Interest

Sometimes people text because they are bored or want to avoid a current situation. If you fit that description, you should still add substance to the conversation. Show interest in the lives of your texting partners and ask about what they are doing, what their future plans are and more. Also think about potential topics you can bring up whenever necessary.

Upholding a successful conversation via text can be complicated, especially if you are talking to someone new or you are learning to text. Seek advice and adapt to the situation to have pleasant, fruitful conversations.

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