How To Make Animal Feed

As you raise the livestock and other farm animals that you own, you may question what is in the food that you are giving to them. While you can analyze the ingredients on the package, it might ease your mind if you knew for certain what products it is composed of. Making your feed means that you control what they consume so that you can provide the best nutrition for them. Here are the instructions to do this.

Get the Tools and Ingredients

Determine what ingredients you want the final product to consist of. To do this, research what type of animal that you have and the ideal items that it should eat. Purchase the quantity that it will take to feed them as well as storage for it when you are finished. If you wish for your animals to have additional supplements, you will need to buy those as well. You will need tools as well, such as ribbon blenders, scoops and shovels. Decide where you plan to assemble this and make sure you have power available in the area. Arrange everything in the order that you want it in so that you can begin.

Mix Your Feed Together

Start the blender, then pour each item into it. To make a mash instead of an entirely dry feed, add some water until you get the consistency that you desire. When your batch is finished, scoop it out into the container so that you can feed it to your animals. Be sure there is enough to last you a few days, yet strive to use it before it spoils. This might require you repeating the process multiple times. Label each package that you produce with each product that you used, especially if you have different breeds on your property. This ensures that each one gets the right meal.

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