Hacking Hidden Folders: P1i

Today I’ll be starting to post some useful tips on modding my beloved Sony Ericsson P1i. I know its a bit late but there are a lot of new P1i users out there that yet to be enlightened that their lil baby can actually be modded to its fullest.

Now I hear you say, “Why Sony Ericsson P1i of all the phones?”. Well for some reason, its operating system (UIQ3) has been hacked by some rocket scientists who came back from Mars in 2007. Im not that sure though of the date but the most important part is that it has been hacked and there are holes that has been opened that Sony Ericsson tried to hide from their patrons.

I’ll go straight to the point now. I knew d*mn well that you’re not interested of reading about my precursors.

First first first thing that you should know is to hack/access the hidden folders inside your P1i. To begin with, your P1i primarily has 3 folders assuming that you have a removable D: drive which is the memory stick M2 installed. The other folders are the C: and Z: drives wherein the Z: is just a Rom drive that contains the original and default files pre-installed on your device. Drive C: is a drive that contains pre-installed files as well and stuff. The only difference is that we can overwrite modded files on C: so that everytime you restart your phone, it will ignore the Z: drive and load your modded files on C:.

We can then install these mods as soon as we could access those hidden folders mentioned above:

– walkman player for your smartphone;
– sound mod full – which increases the volume of the phone
– alarm mod – which helps fixing the alarm bug
– torch application from G900 – As the name it suggests, its a torch utility.

This little advance file manager could give us a hand as well in transferring files from your D: drive to the phone’s C: drive: Swiss Manager Pro

Now we proceed to accessing C: and Z: drives.

Step 1. Download all these applications.

1. pc suite (you can download from offcial website)
2. AppTRK.sis (47.1KB)
3. python-2.5.1
4. win32-py2.5
5. pyserial-2.2.win32
6. 1.py (copy 1.py to c:/)
(for 3-6 ,you can download them in a pack from the link:

http://www.filefactory.com/file/b81eae/ new download point, 14MB, then unpack)

Step 2.

Install all the software.

-Install AppTRK.sis on your phone
– Install all other applications on your PC

Step 3.
*Your computer should recognize your device.

Run pc suite——USB with your phone——Phone model
My computer——attribute ——hardware——Device Manager——com and LPT
You will say “SE P1i appliction port (com6),se pc connect port (com7)
save it it.

Step 4.

Edit the file 1.py that you pasted on C:

Open it with notepad .Find the trip “ser = serial.Serial(4) # I have COM5” (without the qoutes)
You can use “ctrl +F” and copy paste the values mentioned above. Then change 4 to 5,change 5 to 6.
Save it.

Step 5.

Run AppTRK.sisPC suite——USB with your phone ——run AppTRK.sis——it should show connceted
If not, then change the port 2 to 1.

Step 6.
CMD and success

Open Run command prompt on windows. Run 1.py
After a few seconds,it will show”>close ,>End+Exit”. It wont show any user notifications but just let it close

Step 7.
Try it

Install SwissManager Pro and CapsSwitch
or X-Plore by lonelycat Games

Run It. Now you’re done. You’ve already got access to those hidden folders.

Next question is, how to apply those modifications?

Just follow these: (Originally posted by strizlow800 of Esato.com)

1. Execute CapsSwitch application;
2. Switch capatibilities OFF;
3. Open up SwissManager and go to it’s configuration settings…
4. Enable viewing of ROM drives and protected folders or etc. so you can see every possible file/folder in the phone…
5. Now you have full access to protected folders on C drive…
6. You have also access to Z drive, but it’s strongly recommended NOT to touch anything there. Only you can use files from Z to copy them to C and NOT otherwise.

To make use of this and give an example I will explain how to change your installer for example. This will enable you to use unsigned Symbian UIQ application in your phone…

Please stay tuned for more of mods to come 🙂


  1. Now you have full access to protected folders on C drive…
    You have also access to Z drive, but it’s strongly recommended NOT to touch anything there. Only you can use files from Z to copy them to C and NOT otherwise

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