Treadmill helps the injured and the elderly

Treadmills and I don’t exactly get along and I imagine I’m not the only one that detests them. My hatred started after a back injury, the jarring steps you take on a treadmill hurt far more than they help when you’re injured. Well if my gym had one of these treadmills I wouldn’t have had that problem. An Anti-Gravity Treadmill makes it feel as if you’re jogging in zero gravity. That makes it ideal for anyone with an injury that keeps them from jogging.

Although jogging on the moon isn’t exactly a feasible option for most of us, it still seems like a fun idea. This treadmill is probably the closest the average man will come to that. Most people with injuries learn to exercise in other ways, like in the pool or my personal choice is an ellipticaellipticall machine. If you miss your precious treadmill though, this would allow you to get that experience back. Sadly when it comes out next month, it’s going to be out of most of our as well as our gym’s price range. You’ll be able to find the AlterG M300 for $24,500.

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