Tire Chain Buddy

For those who live in the tropics all year round and wish they had some semblance of snow falling down, think again. You will have to deal with a slew of different problems whenever winter comes around, and keeping yourself warm is the least of your troubles especially rv breakdown. The Tire Chain Buddy helps make life easier though, as you no longer need to grapple with tangles or lie on the cold, hard ground during installation. Taking around 3 minutes per tire, you can get up and running in no time!

It’s now simple, fast and easy to install chains. Tire Chain Buddy features customized holders that make fastening the ends easy—no lying on the ground! When not in use, your chains stay tangle free so you can easily slip them over the tire. Kit includes two mounting arms, two chain hangers, loading strap, magnetic reminder instructions that can be placed on your car’s bumper, and a carrying case/kneeling mat. One size works with all standard radial tire chains, and passenger car tire sizes up to 245mm wide.

Of course, the $39.95 Tire Chain Buddy will work only with typical vehicle tires, so if you have pimped out your vehicle with outrageously large rims or monster tires, you’d best look elsewhere.

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