My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

It is kind of interesting to see such project that recognize blogs that are making an impact to its readers considering the fact that we live in a world that always sees your wrongdoings and forget almost about your every good deed.

This Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project aims to identify new and emerging blogs who are gradually gaining a considerable amount of following and influence.

I usually envy these blogs as they can possibly make an impact in such a nick of time as they express their thoughts, share their knowledge and artistry, their humor, their passion, love of music, make a profit, and educate random people that seeks for an answer every time they asked a question as to what, where, when and how.

Here is my share of “The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010”. Let’s take a look and find out why: – a humorous blog featuring fake celebrity conversations that somehow relevant to their issues’ and personality counterparts.

newsbreakonline.comFreshest news, hottest gossips and up to date information as it happens. Those are sweet lines that this News Blog promises. It also covers various topics ranging from Sports, Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Education, Events, and many more. – And on the “PINK” corner! From General Santos City, Philippines! — An intriguing personal site managed by a Banker that is based in General Santos City. He believes that most of his readers are like the Frog Prince (or Princess) still waiting for their one true love to kiss them and live happily ever after.

project52weeks.comA videoblog project of an aspiring  film maker Micaela Rodriguez.

It mostly contains inspirations from her daily routines with a bit of help from our fellow bloggers with a twist of humor in it.

Some of the contributors/actors such as Ada Lajara (, Winston Almendras (, and Jehzeel Laurente ( are some big names in blogosphere that never failed to amuse their viewers. – “This blog is about my critical mind.” That was Dax talking about his blog. I never really understood what “critical mind” is for him but his blog surely catches my attention.

His blog contains most of his travel adventures and his share of tips for travel lovers. He blogs more from the heart and less from the mind and that makes this site “Bongga” as ever. – This is Ria’s journey towards being a “Fat Girl No More”. I certainly understand Ria for writing such an educational blog myself. I’m not yet a “fully-developed-obese” though but sometimes I felt like I’m almost there.

Ria inspired most of her audiences by her diet challenges and stuff. Indeed , this blog served millions, if not thousands… and still counting =) – This is all about serious food blogging. It features events, happenings, reviews of  food havens in and around the Metro.

Jonel Uy, once again, is on everyone’s list.

Umm.. Jonel, WTF happened to “Sago” btw? I’ve been longing to “eat” your friend for ages now.. How about an article featuring sago as the main course? =) – Another quality food blog from another quality blogger. This is where the author documents and explores the world of food in his search for foodie “nirvana”.

I specially like his approach on his food photographs. There is always that sense of fidelity to his every shots that you could almost taste the food on the image. Yumm! – One look and I never hesitated to browse this singer/blogger’s site.

I myself as a frustrated singer once wanted such site but never had any guts to create it even in the wildest part of my dreams.

Kudos to you Rick! – This blog tackles social issues, health, products, advocacy and other information on related to having responsible and sensible sex.

As what the site name suggests, it primarily offers safe sensible sex tips, HIV global news and such things that could make its audience a better and responsible person towards sex.


Now you have may Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project. Please take note that this is a writing project – not an award so we cannot expect a red carpet nor glamorous bloggers on their best or worst dresses and suits on the awards night.

Who gets included in the final 10 is based on the total number of mentions by all qualified writing project entries.

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