Dress Up Your iPhone

iPhone protection may be simple with the available casings out in the market. But if you are one of those people who want to be unique, check out this list.

Dress your iPhone up like a Walkman: The Audman case gives your iPhone a Walkman-style makeover with built-in speakers, two headphone jacks, and a battery. Analog buttons add to the ’80s charm.

iPhone lingerie corsets: give your Apple device some naughty looking nightwear for some spunky fashion trend. Not only does it bring character to your iPhone, you can now easily strip it down (or open it!) when you want in a seductive manner!

Dress up your iPhone 4S with a self-healing Scratch Shield case by Nissan: Scratch Shield isn’t your ordinary protective case, because not only does it protect your iPhone from possible injuries — it also heals itself afterwards from any mild scratches.

The technology behind the case is used in Nissan and it’s sister luxury brand Inifiniti to protect the car’s paintjobs from scratches using a clever scratch-healing paint.

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