Embedded PC Services From Fastwel.com

Some of the services offered by Fastwel.com for your embedded computer

Embedded modules are in use everywhere and many electronic items that we regularly use are often equipped with some kind of embedded board. When you say that a board or application is embedded it means that it is designed to perform or handle a specific number of tasks. It is often a part of a bigger system or equipment.


When it comes to embedded applications, boards, and computers, Fastwel.com is among the best web sites to visit. It provides embedded modules, industrial PCs, and embedded flash storage. Aside from these, Fastwel.com also offers extra services that are often required when working with an embedded computer. Below are some of these services.

  • Assembling. Unlike other sellers of electronic modules, Fastwel.com also manufactures their own, as well as cases and card cages assembly. Because of this, Fastwel.com can easily provide you with assembly service of almost any complicated product such as industrial computers, special purpose monitors, 19 inch stands, servers, cases and blocks. You can be sure of the quality of work of Fastwel.com. You can rely on all the necessary mechanical features and equipment, competent testing, and a qualified, professional engineering team. The expertise of Fastwel.com goes beyond assembling; it also includes developing test stands and software, product testing, and rework operations. Each product goes through rigid testing before getting off the production line, ensuring that the product will have very low risk of failure during operating time. This ensures the integrity of many of your mission critical applications.
  • Design and contract manufacturing. Aside from manufacturing and assembling separate individual electronic modules, Fastwel.com also provides complete solutions incorporating hardware and software components. You can expect to be included in all stages of product development which starts from construction of testing equipment and software, prototyping, preproduction samples building and setup, creation of design and maintenance documentation, pilot production, and finally, system and application software development. Fastwel.com has several supported operating systems which include Windows XPe/CE, Linux, RTOS32, VxWorks, QNX 4.25, and QNX 6.3, among others.
  • Coating. Have you ever wondered how electronic equipment that are used in rugged environments withstand the exposure to moisture, aggressive chemicals, vibration, salt mist, and risk of fungus organics buildup? The answer is in the protective coating that is applied on assembled electronic modules. This coating is a thin protective polymeric film. Fastwel.com applies protective coating in all of its products to ensure that you only get the highest quality electronic modules that can withstand against adverse environmental conditions. Fastwel.com uses the HumiSeal 1A33 urethane protective coating for the highest quality protection.

If you need any of the services above, you can easily contact Fastwel.com to be able to discuss your requirements and specifications in detail.


  1. Not really sure what an embedded computer is but I usually hear that from our software developers when they gather together and talk about work. Maybe that is what they need for convenience and efficiency at work.

  2. As our company handles and trades telecommunications equipment we use a lot of embedded applicationsin our computer and various equipment. With the use of these applications we were able to deliver quality products and services fast and easy. Thanks to Fastwel.com for bringing in such innovation.

  3. I really have no idea what an embedded pc is . Thanks for your post, now I have an idea on what is it about. My husband mentioned something about embedded pc last time but I did not really paid much attention.

  4. Been hearing about this embedded pc for sometime now, unfortunately, I haven’t got the time to look unto it seriously. Thanks to your post, at least now I’d be able to understand what this thing is about!

  5. Well I never took time to know the parts that made up my computer but thanks to your post, I now know what an embedded board is! It is nice to know too the company that supplies such important parts like Fastwell.com. Thank you!

  6. Since our work at the office depend a lot on the use of computer and internet, the use of embedded applications are really beneficial enough in terms of the convenience and smooth work flow. Our work productivity has increased tremendously through those applications.

  7. My Brother-in-Law just graduated from College with an Information Technology course. Although he is more on web programming, part of their curriculum also included studying about hardware assembly and embedded board and applications. I’m sure he can very much relate with your article.

  8. My friend who is a technician also loves assembling computers for his net café. Not only can he troubleshoot software and hardware damages, I’m sure he is very familiar with with embedded applications and such. I’ll share your post and I’m sure he can use all the info that you’ve mentioned.

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