Facebook Profile Covers: The Highlight of Facebook’s Timeline.

Features of Facebook Timeline and Facebook profile covers

Starting March of this year, Facebook will be rolling out a change in the layout of the pages of Facebook users with the introduction of the Timeline.

What is Timeline? Timeline is the new layout that Facebook will be using for all the pages of all Facebook users. Majority of the members are really not excited about this change, as they prefer the old layout better. It even showed in the nationwide survey conducted by Facebook when 84% express their disapproval.

But I am sure Facebook has a good reason for pushing through with the change and here are some of the features of Timeline that will backup Facebook’s decision:

  1. Reverse Chronological Order of the Posts. With the old layout, old posts gets buried deeper in the Facebook pages and in order to find the old posts in the archive, one must click “Older Posts” link several times and wait for Facebook to load these pages before you can browse through it. The new layout provides for an easier way to do this as the archives are presented by year and by month on the right side of the page. To browse a post for a particular time, simply click the year and the month and archives for selected time will be displayed.
  2. Life Events. This is a new feature, which allows one to add previous stories and events in his or her timeline. The Life Events feature comes with different templates that one can use to add a new story or post, back in time.
  3. Activity Log. The activity log button will display all activities in Facebook for a particular account. It has a year-by-year slider to display all the activities and the member has the option to Hide, Delete or Highlight any particular activity in the log.
  4. Privacy Settings. One of the major complains of Facebook users is the difficulty of controlling privacy settings in the old layout. The new layout presents an easier and user-friendly way to control who can access your timeline. You can limit access to Friends, Friends of Friends, Public or even to a customize list.

But what Facebook is really proud of for the new layout is their new feature of Facebook profile covers.

Aside from the profile picture, Facebook timeline covers allow one to choose a cover photo to act as a banner of an individual page and this photo spans across the width of the whole page. This is a great way to highlight a hobby, a product, and more and can show the real personality of the user.

There are plenty of websites offering hundreds of these Facebook banners and one of them is Myfbcovers.com. Myfbcovers.com has a wide selection of Facebook covers ranging in various themes like Anime, Celebrity, Cars, Photographs, Sports, and more. They even have a Custom Cover creator to help you create the correct size and image that you can use as your cover photo or you can use their Photo Collage Maker to use many pictures in one cover photo. The best part with Myfbcovers.com, is that they offer this service for free and all they request is to support their site by clicking the “like” button.

Facebook cover photos indeed offer a new way of sharing more content on Facebook and are probably one of the features that Facebook users will surely love in the new layout.

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