“Anonymous Philippines” Strikes Philippine Websites

A group of hackers defaced some Philippine government websites in just a span of hours today as of Sept. 27, 2012 – 1:35am. We just learned about this while searching for some leather briefcases for men and here’s what we found!

The group identified themselves as “Anonymous Philippines“, the same group who hacked the MWSS website not long ago in a protest against rising water bills.

We ask for a revision of the said bill for the betterment of the Filipino denizens.

The group of hacker, this time around, simply wanted to have the newly signed “Cyber-crime Law” be revised by the government. “Some part of the bill basically says it can imprison anyone who commits libel either by written messages, comments, blogs, or posts in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other comment-spaces of other social media in the Internet.”, says in the posted text on the hacked webpages accompanied with a rock song by Rage Against the Machine‘s “Freedom”

Here are some of the websites that have been hacked so far as of writing:

Department of Health: Smoke-Free Philippines
Institute for Development and Econometric Analysis (IDEA)
DENR Region 3
Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT)
Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS)
American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines

“Anonymous Philippines” seemed to be really serious about challenging the state whilst testing the waters of this newly signed law. This may backfire to them though if they’re not so very lucky. But if the government wasn’t able to figure out whose manning this boat, then that could probably prove that this newly signed law is pretty useless.

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