MMDA launches Metro Solusyon

After the successful launch of  Traffic Navigation System (TNAV), MMDA recently introduced “Metro Solusyon”. A website “where you can OFFICIALLY report complaints against any MMDA personnel involved in corrupt practices”. MMDA encourages motorists and citizens in reporting any incidents involving their people and as well as commend them for any good deeds.

MMDA says that any proven and valid complaints will be handled accordingly. One should just have to register and log in to the website and submit the report including the full name of the person being complained about, a narration of what has transpired, the act or omission allegedly committed and any pictures or video to support the claim.

Once the reported complaint or commendation has been reviewed, it will be available for viewing on the site’s “report tab” for the world to see.

Obviously, MMDA is serious about cleaning out their department and we’re very pleased to know that such a site is now available for us to report such deeds. Oh well, you can go ahead and check out the Metro Solusyon website here while we take a look at some floor puzzles here.

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