Disadvantages of Applicant Tracking

If you have experienced the current job market, you are familiar with the lengthy, automated online applications that most companies require. This is part of a system that organizes potential employee applications for employers. As a hopeful applicant, tracking software can carry many pros and cons from your perspective. Many large companies use automated systems to track applicants now, so you must be aware of how this software will affect the reception of your résumés. One the one hand, these programs guarantee that your application will be kept organized and properly categorized, instead of lost at the hands of a distracted employee. However, there are a few disadvantages to sending your application in to a company using software to track applicants.

If You Apply for More Than One Position

Depending on your skillset and the hiring company, you may be eligible for more than one position. This is a common scenario, so you would certainly want both of your applications to be reviewed. Unfortunately, with applicant reviewing software, the résumé you sent in first would likely be discarded as a duplicate. With these programs, you are dealing with a component that cannot compare to human judgment. It is understandable that two applications with the same name will come off as duplicates, but it is still not fair to you.

While applicant tracking software may help employers, they are not necessarily ideal for employees, so you must be aggressive when applying. In general, when you apply for more than one position at a company, always call after submitting to let employers know to look out for you. They may even be receptive to meeting you in person with this strategy.

You Might Have Missed the Keywords

The online application systems take your application and categorize it based off of keywords. Sometimes, you may not use the proper wording on your paperwork. Regardless of how qualified you are, your application could be immediately discarded for not satisfying the applicant reviewing software. This is unfair on its own, but what is even worse is that the software will not notify you that you were disqualified for improper labeling. You will simply never hear back from the company, thinking it could have been something about you that was unsuitable for the position.

An employer does not typically have much time to review applications for new employees. Hiring managers are constantly looking for ways to eliminate potentials more quickly to narrow down to the ideal applicant. Application software immediately disregards many applications, making the employer’s job much easier. You, however, must now work to meet the criteria of a keyword-based database before you can even reach a human. By making yourself aware of the disadvantages of this kind of software, you can prepare your application to stand up to them. Write with strong keywords, present yourself as clearly as possible, and always call the company for a follow-up. By being proactive, you can still get a job in any economy, regardless of who organizes the applications.

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