Search Advertising Strategies for a Mobile Platform

According to the Search Agency’s State of Paid Search 2012 fourth quarter report, about 25% of search clicks occurred on mobile devices. This data shows that consumers are using their mobile devices more and more. With this data comes the realization that there is a need for improved search advertising on mobile platforms. Common strategies for improving search advertising include having an optimized mobile website, optimizing your search options to include local businesses, having a clear action plan, and implementing unique mobile ad formats.

Have an Optimized Mobile Website

Having an optimized mobile website will help to improve mobile advertising. Since mobile users are more likely to purchase goods by using their mobile devices, you will need to have a mobile website that has been optimized to meet consumer needs. If a customer cannot access your mobile website or the mobile website is poorly designed, they will be less likely to return. You should offer your consumers a dynamic serving single URL and a design single URL. The dynamic serving single URL will work best for changes in intent, while the responsive design single URL will work for universal intent.

Optimize the Search Advertising for Local Businesses

Most of the search that is done on mobile devices are done in regards to local businesses. When ads are targeted towards the user’s location, they are providing the user with information on products and services that they will actually use. By optimizing mobile search advertising to local businesses, you are improving the number of clicks that an advertisement will have, as well as helping local business feel better about mobile technology.

Implement Unique Mobile Ad Formats

Providing users with features such as a “click to contact” button or “click to download”  button makes it easier for them to use mobile apps. Through these features users can easily connect with website administrators and local businesses. The “click to contact” button will often lead a user to all of the business’ contact information. Some mobile websites may also allow you to transfer the contact information to your email, phone call, and GPS applications. The ‘click to download” button will allow users to easily download a websites mobile application. Since many consumers are convenience- geared, providing these features for users lead to the user wanting to use the app more frequently.

In recent years the way that people have used search engines has changed. Rather than keeping their search activity limited to their desktops, search engine users have begun to use their mobile devices.  For many users, using a mobile device to perform an internet search is much easier and faster to do than using a pc or laptop to perform an internet search. Because there has been an increase in mobile web search, there is a need for improved methods of searching for those mobile ads.. By optimizing your mobile website, optimizing search advertising for local businesses, and implementing unique mobile ad formats you can ensure that search advertising is improved for mobile platforms.

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