Properly Caring for a Firearm

Anyone who has served in the armed services, and especially the Marine Corps, knows the importance of keeping a firearm ready for service. Recruits spend a lot of in boot camp learning how to clean and lubricate their weapons. The fundamental reason for this focus is that such weapons must function in all conditions, and keeping them clean is essential for achieving this goal.

When a rifle or pistol is shot, even with blanks during training, a number of chemicals and corrosive elements are discharged into the chamber and barrel of the weapon. Left without cleaning, these materials will cause a number of problems. Pitting of the barrel is a common occurrence, and this can impede both accuracy and the durability of the firearm. Additionally, dirt, grime and oil will accumulate in even the tiniest areas and, over time, cause jams and other problems.

Although military firearms are designed and manufactured to ensure long-term reliability with rugged use in all environments, there is no replacement for regular cleaning and lubrication. In fact, thorough cleaning without adding the right oils and lubricants is a common occurrence when civilians clean their weapons. A weapon left without the right protection will quickly rust and jam. Likewise, the heat and friction created during firing a weapon will quickly damage any firearm that is not properly lubricated.

While there are a number of solvents and chemicals available for different cleaning tasks, there are now eco-sensitive cleaners, click here, and techniques that eliminate many of the problems and dangers of the traditional chemicals. This makes keeping a weapon in top shape much easier and environmentally responsible.

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