Adobe Flash Animations On Your P1i

A game that requires Flash Plugin on P1i

Ever get annoyed by browsing a site that requires a flash plugin? How about viewing your favorite clips on your p1i but you are bugged with a lot of errors (and sometimes, this makes your phone hang for a sec)?

Well this is because your P1i Smartphone doesn’t have a pre-installed flash plugin in it. Thanks so much again to SWmail for porting such plugin on P1i device.

Here’s what you need to get started:

(take note that you need to install first the hack to allow unsigned applications to be installed)

-Install CapsSwitch and ‘SIS installer mod for Symbian 9.1‘.

-Download archive with the program from

-Install FlashPlugin.

-Start Opera

-Go to More >> Settings >> Configuration >> and tick “Allow Plugins”

-Enjoy Flash support!

This is really a breakthrough in history of P1i. Too bad Sony Ericsson didn’t foreseen the need of such for their P1i enthusiasts.

Questions/Comments? Just leave a note and I’ll get into it as soon as I can.

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