W960i Walkman 3 Mod Ported To P1i

So you already have an access to those hidden folders eh? But you still envy your mate’s Ipod? Why? You can now have this sexy looking player from W960i ported to your P1i!

Here’s how it goes:

*This mod does not work on M600i, P990, W950. Try at your own risk

Installation- Unlock access to system folders (lookCapsSwitch) -Download the archive from http://www.agathosyne.de/files_ext/w…swmail_mod.zip

– Copy contents of directory ‘C’ from the archive to ‘C:’ disk in your phone. Default language of the Walkman Player is English. To change the language copy the contents of according folder from a dir ‘Languages’ to folder ‘C:Resource’ on your phone. Accept overwrite request.
– Restart your smartphone

Got any questions? Just leave a comment and I’ll pull out all the stops to answer your queries.

*Thanks so much for SWmail (aka SW) who originally ported this stuff to SE P1i

Thats all for now and please do come back here ’cause were not done yet with modding this device.


  1. Hi, what do you mean when you say “Copy contents of directory ‘C’ from the archive to ‘C:’ disk in your phone”? After downloading Swiss Manager, I copied the Walkman Player V3 folder from D: into C:. Is that what you are referring to? I read on a forum that I should copy each content from the Walkman folder into the C: – is that what I need to do instead? If so, do I COPY EACH FILE NOT EACH FOLDER into a new folder(something I name myself) in C:? I’m confused on that part.

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