Have A Ball

Balls have more uses than for bouncing in a yard. There are several sizes of balls that are used in products that you probably use every day. A roller ball can often be seen in deodorant. The ball in deodorant makes it easier to roll on the product so that there is an even coating. It also makes less of a mess than powder deodorants. These balls are mostly the same size so that they fit in all shapes of deodorant bottles.

Another use for balls by OrangeProducts.com is in the industrial field. There are various surfaces for the balls, such as smooth, rough and polished. Some of the balls are used in bearings to make them run properly. They are also seen in furniture drawer slides. The balls that are in drawer slides keep the drawer on the track so that it isn’t crooked. Another benefit of these balls is that they can be used in pumps. When the pump is used, the liquid moves around, such as in a paint can. The ball keeps the liquid mixed together so that it doesn’t form in a solid state. You can also shake the container so that the ball will move through the liquid, keeping it separated.

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