Selecting Window Shades

Window shades come in a wide range of styles and materials and are designed to meet various functions. A light filtering shade lets light pass through it but does not offer enough privacy. On the contrary, a room darkening shade offers enough privacy, but allows less light into a room. Bedrooms and bathrooms need window coverings or dark window shades for maximum privacy.

Managing light exposure
The architectural décor and features of a room are usually enhanced using filtered natural light. However, unfiltered light magnified using window glass withers and causes damage to upholstery, furniture and flooring. Select window shades according to the décor and privacy needs of your rooms. Some window shades are created to prevent heat discharge and insulate rooms from drafts. Generally, window shades and coverings help cut energy costs and maintain comfortable indoor conditions.

Light-filtering window shades
Light-filtering window shades are made from either roughly woven or thin material. Window shades with honeycomb design are made of two fabric layers divided by a frame. They offer insulation and filter sunlight, but can also darken the room altogether. Sunscreen and roman window shades are additional light filtering options. They let in light during the day, but do not privacy at night when the room is lit up.

Room-darkening window shades
Room-darkening window shades are designed to offer privacy and are often made from vinyl. Fabric shades made from dark fabrics can also darken a room. Many hotel rooms have these types of shades. Room darkening window shades can help you to sleep better and guarantee privacy. Blinds and shutters with adjustable architectural louvers are some of the best examples of room-darkening window shades. This type of shade can be modified to block out excess light or let in light into a room.

Selecting Window Shades
When selecting window shades, ensure you consider the exterior and interior of your house. A harmonized appearance of your home’s exterior boosts its exterior architecture and improves its curb appeal. Choose window shades depending on their intended functions. A light filtering shade is more appropriate for your family room than your master suit. Various window shade designs are available in online stores and local stores. If you would like to have both light filtering and room darkening shades, consider installing layered window treatments.

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