Chariot Skates combine both biking and skating

The Chariot Skates are designed to hold your legs as strongly as a foot inside of a skiboot or dip station. As you can see, it sort of combines a bicycle with a rollerblade. The wheel is a pneumatic tire, and each of the skates weigh about 5.5 pounds each.

The purpose of these big and small wheels is to create a kind of mega-skate that is able to take on terrain like grass, and I would imagine gravel and sand.

According to the official site, the Chariot Skates “gain and maintain momentum with less effort, greater stability and more maneuverability”. The site of Chariot Skates Ltd. also says that the skates have “secured an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute the patented Wheel-skates product” and “is currently undertaking pre-production testing and turning before unleashing this prod cut on the market”.

In other words, it will probably be a while before this particular product hits the market. My Source predicts the Chariot Skates will be available in June, but we will see. So far, there is no word on the price.

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