Auto Seat Covers

Funny as it may seem, the most neglected thing in a car are the seat covers. You may think your factory seats are holding up just fine. What you may not realize is how much abuse your seats are getting from wear and tear, sun damage, pets, or dirt and spills.

Some manufacturers provide custom tailoring of car seat covers for particular vehicles. Customized car seat covers provide a snug fit with no sagging ends and therefore make the car seat look more visually appealing.

I’m planning to install Custom car seat covers on my wife’s car. I saw a stylish truck seat covers from I think it can customized and be fitted on our Honda Civic.

Since custom car seat covers are obviously more expensive than standard car seat covers available in the stores. While standard car seat covers may be available at $30 to $70 per cover, customized car seat covers are sold at anywhere upwards of $60 per cover. So better protect your investment.

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