Simplify Your Coupons by Using These Apps

People who really get into the idea of clipping and using coupons to save money on their monthly food bill understand the value of organizing coupons. While it would be convenient to have all the latest coupons readily available on the Internet, that is just not the case. A good coupon clipper needs to find ways to use her smartphone for paper and online coupons. 

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When you are out to shop the latest retail deals, you don’t want to miss a thing. The people who work hard to use all the coupons they have available to them can save hundreds of dollars each month. In a way, you could say that the people who take the time to organize their coupons are like weekly lotto winners that put thousands of dollars each year into their pockets.

Smartphones have apps for just about everything, and that includes coupon organization. All it takes is a little organization and you can have your coupons ready to go whenever you are.

You can make things easier by downloading the app and having every online deal at your fingertips. There is also an app specifically for the Android market that is called Coupons which has a similar function, but is better able to take advantage of the Internet speed of the Android.

Shop Savvy

When it comes to paper coupons, it can be frustrating to have to manually type in all of your coupons to track them and know what is in your coupon inventory. Shop Savvy is an Android app that works with the Android barcode scanner to grab all the information from your coupons and file that information in any way you want. This app scans retail barcodes and collects pertinent information.


RedLaser is a barcode scanning app for the iPhone. While the RedLaser app is more of a general barcode scanner that can collect general information from any barcode, it still makes the job of cataloging your coupons a lot easier.


Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to manage your inventory of paper coupons effectively. If you prefer cataloging your paper coupons on your desktop instead of your smartphone, you can load Evernote on your laptop, desktop, and smartphone and sync all three devices together. That means that you can sit in the comfort of your living room to update your coupon inventory and have it conveniently appear on your smartphone whenever you want.

Coupon clipping is serious business for the people who know how to save money doing it. When you get your smartphone involved in your coupon process, then you are really making the most of your coupon deals.

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