Need an expert advice from Chemical M&A Advisory Firm?

Small or young chemicals companies looking for diverse growth outlets may wonder why they demand chemical mergers and acquisitions (M&A) experts instead of just getting advisory services from a larger investment bank with common M&A familiarity or those with one or two “chemicals” specialists.

For those who are not aware what Mergers and Acquisitions means, Mergers and Acquisitions are terms almost always used together in the business world to refer to two or more business entities joining to form one enterprise. More often than not a merger is where two enterprises of roughly equal size and strength come together to form a single entity. Both companies’ stocks are merged into one. An acquisition is usually a larger firm purchasing a smaller one. This takes the form of a takeover or a buyout, and could be either a friendly union or the result of a hostile bid where the smaller firm has very little say in the matter.

Anyway, this simplistic and inaccurate assumption would lead the firm in question to miss out of the valuable information and potentially significantly better strategies and deals that specific chemical M&A advisors with sub-market expertise can offer.

But before proceeding to make a decision, I suggest consulting first the chemical m&a experts, The Valence Group.

The Valence Group is a specialist investment bank offering M&A advisory services exclusively to companies and investors in the chemicals, materials and related sectors.

The Valence Group grew from the chemical and materials industry. They are nimble because the chemical industry evolves quickly. They are innovative because we’re used to dealing with various regulatory regimes.

No investment bank offers the breadth or depth of real-world, hands-on chemical industry experience The Valence Group can deploy to get your deal done. They’ve spent lifetimes studying your business, and how you do it. They know what you want to do next, and they know how to make it happen.

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