Access Control

There are several benefits to installing turnstiles in your business whether it’s a courthouse or sports arena. You will find that they are excellent physical barriers. When you don’t want people entering a certain area of the building, you can lock the turnstile so that it won’t move. This will keep everyone in line until you are ready to open the area to let more people inside. It is also a way to keep people from getting into a business before it opens.

These are a cost effective way to control access. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on electric devices as the turnstile is a few pieces of metal that are put together. They aren’t technically difficult to operate, and you won’t have to worry about all of the electrical components that you would see with sliding doors or revolving doors. Most turnstiles operate on a system that has a small gate that turns when someone goes through. There are a few gates so that only one person enters at a time, making it easier to control the access of numerous people at once. When you have employees who no longer work for the company, you can set the turnstile to not accept the access card. This will prevent the employee from trying to get back inside the company on another day. Click here for pictures of turnstiles and the various uses for them.

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